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Non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence or vaginal rejuvenation. Results without the surgery.

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Our Approach to Women’s Health

At Bubolo Medical, we treat the whole patient, not just the condition, and will help you to take ownership of your health through education and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Our PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma

Enhanced Orgasms

It’s called the The Orgasm Shot for a reason. Many women experience increased sensitivity, lubrication and sex drive.

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Urinary Incontinence

1 in 2 women experience incontinence. Sometimes common treatments are not practical and do not work, the medications often prescribed have unwanted side effects.

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Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse)

Dyspareunia is pain during sex, not from lack of lubrication or spams. Women using our treatment report a decrease in pain during intercourse.

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Increased Libido

When your body’s hormones decline, which can happen as part of aging, you will lose your stamina and libido. Your sex life can becoming fulfilling again, and you’ll desire to be intimate again.

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Better appearance and tightness of the vagina.

Laser treatment can improve the appearance of the vagina and tighten it, combined with the PRP therapy it will further tighten and become more susceptible to orgasm.

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Medical Weight Loss

Your body weight can directly affect your sex life. Other than the less than desired visual effects, it could cause diabetes, depression, stress and many other factors that affect your sex life.

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Common Questions We Get Asked

Ask us any questions you might have.

Are treatments covered by insurance?

No, because all insurance companies are different. Everyone coming to the clinic is able to afford our custom blended medication; however, we do give you a detailed insurance super bill that you can submit as a medical claim. We also offer 6 month no interest financing.

Does the vaginal rejuvenation involve surgery?

No, we use laser treatment for the inside and out to increase tightness and reduce prominent labia. It’s a great solution for a better appearance without surgery.

How long does the O-Shot last?

The procedure can last up to 2 years and most patients will want to get a second shot after a year.

How does the O-Shot work?

Your platelet rich plasma is injected into a collection of structures that stimulate the orgasm system. Seven different growth factors are released and activate the unipotent regenerative in the vaginal and clitoral tissues to rejuvenate.

Does the procedure hurt?

Most women are comfortable, and some only experience a minor sting that last just a couple of minutes.

What should I bring?

  • Medical History/List of Medications: We custom-blend your medication, so whenever possible we want to know what conditions or medications may be contributing to your condition.
  • Drivers License
  • Form of Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Personal Check, or Cash. We do not handle insurance processing, but can provide a super bill that you can file with your insurance company. We also have 6 months Same As Cash for your convenience.
  • Your Partner: We welcome our patients’ partners as they often provide our physicians with additional information or insights that can help us treat the condition effectively. However, you are not required to bring your partner.