Platelet Rich Therapy


What is PRP Therapy?

Blood, or plasma, is mainly liquid but also contains solid components, such as; red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets are loaded with proteins known as growth factors which play a vital role in healing injuries.

PRP therapy is simply drawing blood form the patient and separating and increasing the concentration of platelets; resulting in a “platelet rich plasma”. This PRP is now teeming with a high concentration of growth factors and is injected back where it is needed. Helping damaged tissue heal.

When should I consider PRP therapy?

PRP Therapy should be considered when your body hasn’t healed itself after an adequate amount of time.

If an injury hasn’t healed and you’re still experiencing pain, slow healing or weakness at the site then PRP Therapy can be considered.

Will PRP help with pain?

At Bubolo Medical, we’ve seen up to 80% of patients report a reduction in pain.

Some have even experienced a total reduction in pain and complete healing. If your injury is slightly more serious, a stronger therapy like regenerative cell therapy will be recommended.

What’s the procedure like?

It’s a simple, non-surgical, & painless procedure that’s takes about an hour.

A small amount of blood will be taken and run through a centrifuge; separating the blood cells. The concentrated platelets will be separated and re-injected into the site of your injury. Minimal downtime with results within 6 – 12 weeks.

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