Priapus Shot® (P-shot®)

The Priapus Shot, also known as the P-shot®, provide men with relief from erectile dysfunction and act as natural male enhancement.


The P-shot® procedure we offer in our Acworth location for all men from Atlanta metro area uses natural healing mechanisms to increase healthy blood circulation, which can lead to better stamina, sensation, and erectile strength. It is a much more sensible option because it utilizes natural growth factors in your body to heal the blood vessels responsible for erection.

The Priapus shot was named for the Greek god of virility. However, P-shot is no myth! It represents the cutting edge in medical innovation for male enhancement.

How The P-Shot Procedure Works

The P-shot procedure works by harnessing plasma enriched growth factors from your blood and re-applying it into specific areas of the penis. These blood-derived growth factors help rejuvenate the penis and boost its blood flow to provide a more full and strong erection.

The secret behind the P-shot is the PRP or platelet-rich plasma. PRP is found within your very own blood and contains growth factors, stem cells, and proteins that facilitate improved blood flow to a particular tissue.

The stem cells and platelet-rich plasma used in the P-shot treatment are harvested from a small sample of your blood using a centrifuge process. By using a specialized centrifuge, the stem cells and growth factors are separated from the red and white blood cells.

This process leaves behind a super-concentrated formula of PRP that contains the necessary active ingredients that result in the many benefits attributed to P-shot.

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Who Can Benefit From the P-Shot?

The P-shot can help you, regardless of your sexual health. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, then the P-shot can help you naturally restore the blood vessels and nerves responsible for your lack of ability.

If you are perfectly healthy, the P-shot can boost your sexual health, including more stamina and enhanced pleasurable sensations.

It can be especially helpful for men who have lost erectile function due to prostate issues, Peyronie’s disease, side effects from prescription drugs, or other medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. The P-shot will help you directly solve your ED symptoms by using your body’s healing mechanisms to fix the penile tissue and arteries that supply it.

Whether you have been searching for a solution for your erectile dysfunction symptoms or you desire some aid in the bedroom, the P-shot procedure can help optimize your sexual wellness and get you back to enjoying your sex life to its fullest extent.

What Results Should You Expect

This revolutionary treatment has helped reverse the damage done by diabetes and Peyronie’s disease for many men and can help you achieve longer, harder, and more sustainable erections.

P-shot results male enhancement With the P-Shot, you may experience:

  • Penis enlargement
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Decreased premature ejaculation
  • Improved sexual sensations and pleasure

P-Shot therapy can help you get the increased self-esteem that comes with being a bigger and better lover without the need for pills, risky side effects, or surgery.

There are no medications that rival the healing power your body naturally possesses.

Don’t settle with a less than satisfying sex life any longer.

Call us today and learn how the P-Shot can help you enjoy sex like never before!